A Comparison of Overhead Line System,Underground Cable System

 Overhead Line System vs Underground Cable System

Here in this article we are going to discuss about comparison between overhead lines and underground cables.this also refers to the advantages and disadvantages of overhead power lines and underground cables.In some applications Overhead Lines are useful in some applications Underground Cables are required,hence differences between Overhead Line System and Underground Cable System given below.

Overhead System Underground System
1.The size of conductor for same amount of power
is small
1.The size of conductor is quite large in
underground system.
2.The amount of insulation is less as overhead
lines are open to atmosphere and hence air provides
the necessary insulation.
2.Very high degree! of insulation is required
as the underground system is laid under the
ground hence area is very compact.
3.Heat can be dissipated easily in the surroundings
as overhead
lines are open to atmosphere.
3.Heat dissipation is very difficult and. hence
number of insulating layers are added to the cable.
4.Overhead system is very cheap as no insulation
coating is used over the conductors i.e., the conductors
used are bare
4.Very costly, because a number of insulation
layers has to be used to provide sufficient insulation.
5.Faults can be detected easily 5.Fault detection is very complicated.
6.Maintenance work is very simple. 6.Maintenance work is very complex.
7. It is used for long distance transmission. 7.It is used for short distance transmission
or distribution.
8.Public safety is less. 8.Public safety is more.
9.Faces problems due to interference with neighbouring
communication system.
9.No interference with the communication lines.
10.They are liable to hazards from lightning discharges. 10.Not liable to the hazards from lightning
11.This system can’t be used near submarine crossings. 11.It can be used near submarine crossings.