Applications of DC Generators

DC generators have vast area of applications and the choice of a DC generator for a particular service depends upon its performance characteristics. The applications of various DC generators are given as follows.

Applications of DC Generators

1. Applications of Separately Excited D.C Generators
Though being expensive, separately excited generators find their applications where self excited generators would be relatively unsatisfactory. They are used where quick and definite response to control is important since quicker. and more precise response to the changes in the resistance of the field circuit is obtained by separate excitation.

The principal applications of separately excited D.C- generators are as follows,
(a) They are used in Ward-Leonard system of speed control to serve as a control generator.
(b) Used in power-generating station to serve as an excitation source for large alternators.
(c) Used to serve as auxiliary and emergency power supplies.

2. Applications of Series Wound D.C Generators
Series wound D.C generators are used in D.C locomotives for the purpose of supplying field current for regenerative braking. This type of generators also find use in series arc lighting. The most important use of series wound D.C generators is as series booster. The drooping portion of the V-I characteristics enables them to be employed as a constant current source.

3. Applications of Shunt Wound D.C Generators 
The property of shunt wound D.C generators to give constant output voltage makes their use in charging of batteries and also for light and power supply purpose.

4. Applications of Compound Wound D.C Generator
The property of over-compounded type D.C generators to maintain constant voltage at the consumer terminals makes its use for lighting and power services.
Differential compound wound D.C generators which are referred as constant current generator finds an useful application as an arc welding generator.

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